About Us

Here at Charged Coffee, we are an Arizona based coffee company.  We're passionate about ensuring the best quality of our beans and dedicated to helping you make the perfect cup every time.


Coffee is our way of Boosting our bodies

At Charged we are complete and total snobs when it comes to coffee (there, we said it!). To sum our ideals up in three words. Drink. Freshly. Roasted.

Several years back we started researching further into the benefits and differences between store bought coffee and freshly roasted coffee. Why does it matter what country it's from? How do changes to the roast process make this coffee smell and taste the best? Why do we FEEL better when we drink freshly roasted coffee vs. store bought?

There are really cool answers to all of these questions.

Anywhozers - fast forward some years and we feel confident in saying...if you are drinking store bought or food chain coffee, please spit that crap out right now! :) If it was roasted more than two to three weeks ago, move on.

Coffee. Yep. It's awesome.

When it comes to the quality of the coffee you drink there are SO many variables to take into account. Anywhere from the altitude with which the beans were grown all the way to the type of bag the coffee is put in after its roasted. Not saying we're mastercrafter guild chiefs of Coffee law or whatever....but we do take all of these variables into consideration. And it shows!!! If you love coffee the way we do, you're gonna like this.